alt December 12, 2012 
Neoris and CEO Claudio Muruzabal featured in Latin Trade Special Edition   (Link: LatinTrade.com )
Latin Trade

alt July 2, 2012
Learning Without Frontiers (sp)
El Informador


alt June 29, 2012
No experience no job? (sp) 
CNN Expansión


alt June 28, 2012
How to differentiate yourself from other engineers? (sp) 
CNN Expansión


alt June 27, 2012
Neoris market improvement in Brazil and Colombia (sp)


alt May 31, 2012
Winners of the SAP Innovation Challenge for Manufacturing Mobile Apps 2012
ARC Advisory News


alt May 31, 2012
Neoris Introduces SAP-Qualified Rapid-Deployment Solution for SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence for Batch Manufacturing


alt May 25, 2012
Neoris has the solutions for banking (sp)
El Confidencial


alt 22 May, 2012
Facebook, ¿The new El Dorado? (sp)
Diario Negocio


alt May 17, 2012
Social Media: bubble 2.0, 3.0 value (sp) 
Diario Negocio


alt May 01, 2012
Case Study: ActiveSuite Logistics for CEMEX (sp)
SAP Reviews


alt April 27, 2012
'El Chavo del Ocho' comes to the Nintendo Wii (sp) 
CNN Mexico


alt April 27, 2012
Neoris CEO on Brazil, Bilingualism and Future Expansion
Nearshore Americas


alt April 25, 2012
Neoris expands Mobility services (pt) 
IT Web



April 8, 2012
Competitiveness under pressure (sp)
La Capital


alt April 05, 2012
Being a SAP professional is now a "good deal" (sp)


alt April 03, 2012
Estaleiro Atlantico Sul implemented the SAP GRC (pt) 


alt April 03, 2012
SAP channel search for "account executives" (pt)


alt March 30, 2012
Juan Seoane is the new  Neoris' Managing Director to head the SAP practice in the Latin American Cluster (LAC) region (sp)


alt March 23, 2012
Neoris will open new offices in Recife in 2013 (pt) 
Jornal do Commercio


alt March 23, 2012
You graduate in IT areas (sp)
El Universal


alt March 16, 2012
Neoris to Further Focus on SAP, presence in multinationals
Business News Americas


alt March 16, 2012
SAP partners are aligned with the expectations of the manufacturer (pt) 
CRN Brasil


alt March 27, 2012
Will Mexico’s Presidential Elections Impact the Nearshore Wave?
Nearshore Americas


alt March 8, 2012
‘Near shore’ outsourcing gains momentum in Mexico
Nearshore Americas


alt March 01, 2012
Mobility as key to growth (pt) 
Information Week


alt March 01, 2012
Neoris: Excellent innovation (sp)
Sector Ejecutivo



alt February 22, 2012
How to get into social networks without losing friends (sp)
Actualidad Económica


alt February 17, 2012
Your way of typing says a lot about you (sp)



alt February 03, 2012
Neoris Argentina has 100 vacancies and expands on the fifth floor of the Nordlink Tower (sp)


alt January 08, 2012
"An executive can manage any busines" (pt) 



alt December 12, 2011 
Neoris Manufacturing Global Solutions from Barueri, Brazil 
Sourcing Brazil

alt Dec 03, 2011
Junior Achievement and Neoris Initiate Worldwide Job Shadow Program in the Global Entrepreneurship Week


alt Nov 03, 2011
Neoris CEO and U.S. Business Unit President Named Among Most Influential Outsourcing Executives by Nearshore Americas


alt Sep 14, 2011
Marketing, IT departments must work together seamlessly in an ever-changing market
As communications go digital, it's vital for marketing divisions to work more closely with information technology staff. . Meshing the two, however, presents challenges for companies aiming to modernize


alt Sep 12, 2011
Latin America: Outsourcing Thrives 
Call center providers are thriving in Latin America, thanks to increased popularity of near-shoring and robust domestic demandf link


alt May 05, 2011
Neoris cited as a strong performer in SAP Services by independent research firm