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We have a unique global approach to consulting: We create a practical engagement model while establishing a unique intimacy with our clients.
We work hand in hand with them, understand their business and excel at anticipating solutions that improve their results.

Martín Méndez

That is why our tagline is Practical Visionaries. That is what makes us different.

Martín Méndez - CEO









Our culture combines two concepts that complement each other: The art of being functional, grounded, reliable and realistic, yet possessing the drive and innovation to constantly convert aspirations into realities. It is the perfect balance that makes each one of us a bright, broad-minded, resourceful thinker, capable of delivering highly focused solutions to each client’s unique needs.


NEORIS is a global services company that provides business and IT value-added consulting, emerging technology solutions and outsourcing services. We establish long-term relationships with our clients, helping them improve performance throughout the different stages of their business, by providing innovative and flexible services, using our global delivery model.


To be the world’s best at driving business value for our clients.

Our Values

Unquestionable ethics

Integrity is the core foundation of our daily life and it supports every decision we make.

Commitment to our clients’ success

We strive to understand our internal and external clients’ business needs and passionately commit ourselves to deliver what we promise. We take pride in our work, and in our clients’ success.

Flexibility and agility with a purpose

Our swift and resourceful character gives us a unique capability to adapt to new and changing requirements, enabling us to create alternative solutions which readily meet our clients’ business needs and help improve their results.

Teamwork spirit

We believe in collaboration and trust. We act as one team, wherever we are. We understand that our global success depends on our joint synergy.

Respect for the individual and for diversity

We treat all individuals with respect regardless of their race, origin, age, gender, beliefs, position and association with NEORIS. Differences are not obstacles, but valuable learning opportunities.


We care about what we deliver; and, we take responsibility for it. We build relationships with our stakeholders based on trust, transparency, honesty and mutual benefit, and we hold ourselves accountable.

Our Story

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Our Management Team

Our Management Team

Martín Méndez


Martín Méndez has over 20 years of experience in IT management and business process consulting. Martin has been with NEORIS since its inception. He was the co-founder of AMTEC.NET in 1996, which had offices in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, and more than 230 consultants. The company was then acquired by NEORIS in 2000.

Between 2002 and 2003, Martín was the Business Director of the CEMEX account at NEORIS Mexico. He was responsible for maintaining more than 300 applications used by CEMEX to conduct business and was also responsible for overseeing a staff of around 200 employees. Since 2004, he has held different roles within the company, first as the Leader for NEORIS’ operations in Argentina, later as President of the Southern Cone Region. Before being appointed as the NEORIS CEO, Martin served as President of the South America Region

  • Degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Austral de Rosario.

  • Participation in the 2006 CEMEX International Management Program at Stanford University (USA), INSEAD (France) and Tecnológico de Monterrey (México).


Our Management Team

Fernando Ansaldo


Fernando has over 20 years of experience in consulting, focusing on business and technology transformation services. He is a part of NEORIS since 2011, joining the company as the Managing Director of operation in Chile. Since 2013 he is managing the NEORIS’ Andean Region and leads the global Healthcare practice.

  • Industrial Engineering degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires

  • Post-graduate degree in Materials Logistics from the Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires

  • Director of the Distribution and Industrial Sectors of IBM Global Business Services in Chile

  • Supply and Production Planning Manager of Unilever in Argentina


Our Management Team

Sergio Donzelli


Sergio has over 25 years of experience in consulting, focused on supporting the use and adoption of software and technology based solutions. Sergio joined NEORIS in 2004 as the Director of the Natural Resources Unit. Since 2013, he leads NEORIS Argentina, managing an operation of more than 800 individuals with offices in five different cities.

  • Systems degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires

  • Post-graduate degree from the Business School of Universidad Regiomontana in Mexico

  • Completed a Business Intelligence program in the Universidad Austral of Buenos Aires

  • Participated in a Management Program in the IAE Business School in Argentina


Our Management Team

Manuel Abat


Manuel Abat manages NEORIS’ business operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. He joined NEORIS in 2003 as the Director of the Barcelona operation in Spain and in 2006 he was responsible for starting operations in the Middle East region.

  • Telecommunications Engineer, having graduated from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Business studies in IESE Business School.

  • Completed a Management program from INSEAD.


Our Management Team

Juan Carlos López


Juan Carlos is a senior executive with a vast international experience in the IT industry, covering managing responsibilities in several Latin American operations. Juan Carlos opened NEORIS’ operations in the Andean Region and also led the global Business Transformation initiative.

  • B.S. in Administration from Universidad de Uruguay.

  • Post-graduate degree in Marketing from Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • MBA degree from Wayne University in Michigan, USA.


Our Management Team

Alejandro Cortés


Alejandro has a vast experience in the IT industry, with over 20 years in change of diverse managing functions in different markets. He joined NEORIS in 2008 as CFO of Mexico, Colombia and USA and since 2010 he leads the global financial management.

  • Accounting degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

  • Post-graduate studies in Corporate and Stock-Exchange Finances in ITAM


Our Management Team

Marcelo Costa


Marcelo Costa joined NEORIS at its inception in 2000 when the company acquired Brazilian tech company MLab.

He held various positions in the areas of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at the headquarter office in Miami. In 2016, he was appointed as Managing Director of NEORIS’ operation in Brazil and since then has been driving innovative solutions for existing and new clients and meeting the overall aims and objectives in the market.

Costa holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • B.A. degree in Economics from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Marketing and Sales Manager at MLab, a Brazilian technology and ecommerce firm.

  • Marketing Manager at Unibanco, one of the largest private banks in Latin America.


Our Management Team

Mario Rouede

Lines of Service

Mario has a vast experience in consulting and IT. He has been in national, regional and corporate level positions in multinational companies. At NEORIS, Mario serves in the global sales and operation functions. Currently he is leading the Business Transformation initiatives.

  • Accounting degree from the Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora in Argentina

  • Retail Strategy studies in the Babson College in Boston

  • Has completed various programs in Management


Our Management Team

Agustin Urtubey


With over twenty five years of management, IT and consulting services experience, Agustin is a seasoned professional who brings to NEORIS a long track record of accomplishments as an IT services leader, with extensive global experience in the organizational transformation of multi-million dollar business units.

Agustin is fluent in English, Spanish and conversational Portuguese and possesses deep experience in international business as well as a thorough understanding of what it takes to work across multiple cultures.

  • - Business Administration degree from Universidad Catolica del Uruguay


Our Management Team

Martin Fischetti

Human Capital

Fischetti was tapped as an important change agent responsible for driving strategic Human Capital initiatives in order to remain competitive in the fast paced industry, further globalize key processes and enhance recruiting capabilities.

Based out of the Monterrey, Mexico office, Fischetti has more than 20 years Human Resources management experience at multinational companies, including six years at NEORIS, where he established successful key Human Capital programs that are the backbone of the current practice.

  • Postgraduate studies in Human Resources Management at the University of Miami

  • MBA from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

  • MBA refresh intensive course in Columbia University



Analyst Recognition

AMR Research

"What makes NEORIS’ story most compelling is a consulting service model that stretches from design, to implementation, to after-project completion. Sticking around to ensure value realization and ROI."


IDC ranked NEORIS as the second-largest IT consulting firm in Latin America, and the largest in Mexico.


"NEORIS is emerging into the middle tier of IT service providers, with sustained growth in terms of resources, revenue and client portfolio."


“NEORIS has strong technical implementation skills…and is clearly a good candidate for SAP implementation work”

HFS Research

“NEORIS has excellent client diversification ”


“NEORIS is one of the largest Nearshore companies in the IT Services space.”

Global Services

“NEORIS stands out as one of the few strong alternatives to U.S. and India based vendors”

Frost & Sullivan

"NEORIS is the recipient of Latin American Customer Service Leadership Award in the Healthcare IT Market". 


A dedication to deliver what we promise is supreme. Business value for our clients is imperative. Unwavering commitment to quality. More than 94% of clients have rated NEORIS with an excellent delivery quality scorecard in the past three years.

Because our clients inhabit the world, our place of business must be firmly rooted in service that transcends geography, language and culture. This assures our clients’ business success and well-being.

Social Responsibility


Our corporate values and our Practical Visionaries’ identity are at the heart of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, NEOfrontiers.

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