NEORIS develops biometric identification software to track the most vulnerable social groups

Miami, USA | Madrid, Spain—December 12, 2016--

Protection People app (PPa) enables reliable identification and data collection for follow-up and subsequent intervention by social workers

NEORIS, a global business and IT consulting company, announced it has signed an agreement with, an NGO headquartered in Spain, to spearhead the project to design and develop a technologically advanced identification tool dubbed PPa (Protection People app).

PPa (Protection People app) is a multifactor biometric identification system and data processing software that enables from any desktop or mobile device the identification and data collection of the most vulnerable social groups, for follow-up and subsequent intervention by social workers. This type of work is particularly challenging, especially as it pertains to at-risk youth due to their rapidly changing facial features. Besides the conventional fingerprint and facial parameters, PPa will employ a revolutionary third marker to enable identification with high reliability, employing the hand geometry or palm vein print.

PPa is geared toward NGOs with the aim of helping the 100 million street children living alone in dire conditions—migrants, refugees and indigent primarily– potential victims of abuse. Watch the video.

The first international NGO to start using PPa will be  Don Bosco beginning in February 2017 as part of a pilot program known as Child PPa for unaccompanied minors in India. Each social worker will have a mobile device with the application installed to allow them to collect information and biometric data of each minor to will be submitted online to an existing local partner database for immediate identification.

“Safeguarding human rights is fundamental to any society and the application we developed should have a long-lasting global impact for how communities address vulnerable people groups,” said Martin Mendez, NEORIS CEO. “As it relates to potential for social change, this is one of our most ambitious projects to date and I’m honored our company was chosen to bring it to life.”

The Spain-based NGO states: “We believe that having access to technological tools such as PPa will facilitate and optimize the work of social workers.  In India, there are 10 million minors living on the streets in extreme conditions, without any safety nets and exposed to countless risks.  Identifying these children will facilitate follow-up on their needs, be it sanitary, psychological or social, as well as enable systematic and personalized interventions.” also highlights the importance of the scalability of the tool since the reliable identification of vulnerable social groups is key to safeguard their well-being.  In this regard, the NGO is already taking the necessary steps to get the ball rolling on other projects based on PPa, such as Trafficking PPa, Migrants PPa and Health PPa.  You can become a partner to support the NGO on an ongoing basis or make a donation to the project. For more information about PPa, visit:


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