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ActiveSuite™ Logistics



ActiveSuite™ Logistics (ASL) Logistics Solution for the Innovative Manufacturer

What if a customer called to ask about the status and estimated delivery time for a mission-critical order of materials? Has the product left the plant and if not, when will it be shipped? The answer that you cannot be certain as to where it is, nor can you determine how long it will take in transit is simply unacceptable.

In reality, you may not even be sure which carrier is delivering the shipment. Cue the panic attack! This is when you start calling different departments to collect information and put all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to give your customer an answer.

However, the NEORIS ActiveSuite™ Logistics solution lets you use real-time data to solve these transportation and logistics related challenges.

With ActiveSuite™ Logistics you have got the ultimate secret weapon.

  • Benefits

    - Now you can instantly pull the most up-to-date, real time data.
    - Guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
    - Provide insights related to logistics for everyone within
    the organization, as well as the customers

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