Delivering Business Value to the Agribusiness Industry



The Agribusiness industry has its own requirements and challenges. NEORIS' business solutions have been developed and are being used by major organizations in the agribusiness value chain.


NEORIS has extensive experience in the various processes that make up the agro-industrial sector. We offer innovative solutions to our customers to optimize their processes through the application of best practices and methodologies. This includes process consulting, functional analysis, development, maintenance and implementation of solutions for the industry.

Seeding Knowledge.

NEORIS is specialized in services to companies related to the agribusiness industry in order to enable them to review and improve their processes and information management systems.

These processes, ranging from planning production to the export of raw materials and products, including among others, planning areas for planting, programming service purchase or rental of machinery, field management, planning spraying and harvesting, handling purchase / sale in all its variations, future market, receipt and dispatch of goods on preparations, ports, industrial plants, quality analysis, processing services, management of freight and logistics planning. Among our services you will find:

Process Consulting
Business Process Management (BPM)
IT Enterprise Management
Business Architecture

Solutions for Agribusiness

Product of deep knowledge of business processes and experience in generation of core solutions for the sector, NEORIS has developed software assets recognized by the market to implement technology solutions that give competitive advantages. We also implement world-class solutions in highly complex projects.
Some of our solutions include:

SAP Business Suite
Business Intelligence
Reception and Office Solutions
Contract Management Solutions
Foreign Trade Solutions

Maintenance Services

We are specialists in handling applications with solid experience in the industry. Our services include:

Software Development
Application Management and Support (AMS)
Testing Services