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Neo-Accelerators: Neo Education Accelerators are the result of years of research and experience in the industry, which has allowed NEORIS to take advantage of benefits of best practices implanted in SAP, as well as optimizations made by the enhancements and modeling. The accelerators were designed founded on the needs of the sector and because of this; we have reduced the effort and investment in implementation of projects.

The set of accelerators Neo Education consists of two large blocks that work together to provide a business solution accessible to students and in the same to staff that manages the system. The first is composed of the back office in which the finances and the accounting of the institution take place, the second block consisting of Student Lifecycle Management and Financials FI-CA Contract Account which manage the life cycle of the student throughout their path within the institution.

The modular SAP allows the model to adapt and integrate the components and design strategies in different phases. The model solution includes mainly the most important business functions in the education sector such as:


- Admission and Validation
- Academic Planning Proces
- Registration Process
- Grading Process
- Process of Progression and Degree Audit
- Reports
- Formats

Student Financials:

- Process of Payments
- Integration with finance
- Generation and Management of Accounts Receivable
- Installment Plans
- Interest on arrears
- Deferred Revenue
- Bad Debt Management
- Reports
- Sending correspondence process


- Significant reduction in investment
- Faster and more efficient implementations
- Possibility of scalability
- Increased productivity
- Work with a single integrated system
- Model self-oriented web
- Others

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.