Financial Services
Innovative technology and a clear understanding of the local and global regulatory environment


Financial Services

Financial Services


The financial world is subject to constant change. Mergers and acquisitions, new financial services, credit crises, new regulatory frameworks, etc. create a pressing demand for qualified professionals with a knowledge of banking procedures, and who are able to devise practical and innovative solutions.

The NEORIS System of Financial Services helps customers to overcome these challenges. Our system combines thorough knowledge of the financial services environment, innovative technology, and a clear understanding of the local and global regulatory environment. Our consultants have practical experience in banking.

Our focus is on Specialization, which allows us to provide low costs, differential, innovative, and limited risk services, as all our services are based on past well-succeeded experiences, in which we engaged the market’s best professionals.

Business oriented vertical services:

- Wholesale Banking
- Syndicated Loan Management and Control
- Risk Management
- Risk Management and Follow-Up
- Customer credit risk (admission, management, and fraud)

Cross solutions:

- SAP: Finance, Banking, Leasing, Risks, Real Estate
- Methodology and Processes (BPM)
- ITPM (IT Performance Management)

Nearshoring (4 Centers of Excellence around the world):

- Software project management
- Turnkey Development Solutions
- Quality Assurance Services
- AMS (Application Maintenance Services)

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.