NEORIS provides services to Insurance Companies



NEORIS has the ability to help Insurance Entities in the design and implementation of innovative solutions geared towards the management and improvement of business processes


NEORIS has a group of professionals clearly oriented towards this business, enabling the collaboration between different areas of value: uptake, marketing, exploitation and prediction. We support the definition of practical action plans, which are strategic pillars to achieving vast improvements.

NEORIS collaborates with its customers in the definition of the most adequate strategies

Our professionals have a deep understanding of the Sector, which allows them to recommend the best practices geared towards innovation.

Our services are:

· Strategy
· Digital Business
· Customer Excellence
· Entrepreneurship and Innovation
· People Management 3.0
· Change Management

NEORIS helps Insurance Entities implement advanced, customized solutions

Our team of professionals in the Insurance Unit design, build and implement advanced systems focused on the business.

Our services are:

· Business Intelligence
· Business Analytics
· Mobility
· Portals
· Advanced Development
· M2M