Integration, visibility and better processes





Since the internet enables direct relationships with consumers, integrating the different tiers of vendors and ensuring that the transactions are fulfilled satisfactorily is critical.Consumer and Industrial sales channels are multiplying and competition is accelerating as globalization takes hold. As companies attempt to keep pace with these changes, a simple fact remains: in a more complex product sales environment, customization and customer service makes the difference.

Consumer and Industrial Manufacturing

Consumer and industrial manufacturing must maintain a tight fit between the company strategy and its operations, and between operations and consumer commitments. The key is to understand which processes differentiate each company—and what existing technology can make them more effective. On this fight for regional or global market share, accurate logistics and efficient supply and demand chain become primary weapons.

Our Consumer and Industrial Manufacturing Practice

The NEORIS Consumer and Industrial Manufacturing Practice addresses this demanding environment, by helping clients become fully integrated companies with clearer visibility of suppliers, more accurate sales forecasts, and satisfied customers. We make possible for consumers and industrial companies fixed on consistent cost numbers, to better analyze the profitability of a specific client or channel, and help optimize the most critical process, leveraging technology. Successful supply chain planning and execution becomes embedded in the culture, management style and all processes. Soon it becomes repetitive, controlled and impossible for competitors to duplicate.

Create an Intelligent Transition Plan

We also help create an intelligent transition plan that cuts unnecessary IT costs but maintains the agility that companies need. This plan focuses on funding an innovative but pragmatic IT architecture that truly enhances the company’s competitive position. At the same time, we can help put a governance structure in place that protects the evolution of this new architecture. In short, NEORIS helps operations managers assemble the right mix of client, solution, partner, channel, pricing and conditions to provide long-term value to all participants.