Natural Resources
Orchestrate your processes to perform a flawless operational symphony


Natural Resources

Natural Resources


Energy and natural resources are industries in transformation. They face the challenge of operating multiple dissimilate business lines and efficiently integrate them, while achieving economies of scale. Simultaneously, as they morph into global energy players to satisfy the ever-growing demand, they must manage the creation of additional “green energy” business lines that may provide the growth of tomorrow, but bring additional operational challenges.

Orchestrate processes

NEORIS was born from an industrial conglomerate recognized for achieving operational excellence, so our Energy and Natural Resources Practice has mastered overcoming the above challenges. We help you orchestrate processes that make upstream, downstream, chemical and green energy divisions perform a flawless “operational symphony”.

Advanced transformational engineering

By applying advanced transformational engineering, we empower energy conglomerates to transfer and apply best practices to optimize their processes. Our consultants have very granular industry knowledge, master technology and decades of experience enabling decision-making re-engineering. Once that’s achieved, we know how to successfully implement change management programs to align the people towards the targeted efficiencies.

Integrate processes, IT and people

We help you reap the benefits of conglomerate-wide synergies by:

– Creating customized roadmaps for expansion and integration that lead to lower total cost of ownership.

– Optimizing back office processes, such as finance, HR, planning.

– Designing and deploying corporate cultural evolution programs that turn process reengineering a core competency.

– Helping you identify what to outsource and provide you with a turn-key outsourcing program that allows your core team remain focused on the strategic aspect of the business.

– Integrating processes, information technology and people, via cockpits, dashboards, and balance scorecards.

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.