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Public Sector

Public Sector


These days, the public sector must satisfy higher expectations. As the private sector has raised the bar thanks to the internet and other emergent technologies, citizens now expect customized public services, delivered almost instantly. But the lack of automation, technology standards, little transparency and often redundant citizen databases make it harder. The most successful government agencies are simplifying processes to minimize citizen processing time, while also keeping maverick purchases by individual departments in check. The ultimate goal is not merely to deliver more and better service, but to serve more cost-efficiently, to meet government mandated budget cuts.

Improve operational efficiency and develop new services

The NEORIS Government Practice helps agencies improve relationships with citizens, improve operational efficiency and develop new services. We have extensive experience in government-specific processes - from budgeting to anti-money laundering - and the capacity to include best private sector practices within public sector environments.

Knowledge of global and local regulatory demands

Our consultants are knowledgeable of the global and local regulatory demands required in system implementations, process re-engineering and organizational definitions. We have collaboration agreements with key international organizations – such as the World Bank – to exchange best practices and public sector trends.

Improve communications and results

We make possible for government agencies to use interactive communications for customer service and staff training. NEORIS helps its government clients become fully integrated agencies with more accurate citizen information, to ensure that each agency has the best data about your constituents and your region, so they can consistently deliver better programs to the public.

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.