The sector has seen a drop in business volume in the past years, and faces the challenge of continuing to expand its services in the search of a differentiated offer



Innovation in this sector is of specially relevant value, necessary to continue growing


NEORIS has been supporting the Security sector for over 10 years, learning, contributing solutions and technology, understanding and participating in their evolution

Payment management, cash provision, funds transport

Specialized consulting in all areas: Finance, Managemen, Operations, Logistic, Marketing, Human Resources

Our services are:

· Strategy
· Digital Business
· Customer Excellence
· Entrepreneurship and Innovation
· People Management 3.0
· Change Management

The most advanced technology to evolve business operations

NEORIS designs and integrates these business processes with its own development services through agile, flexible, and scalable solutions, leaning on advance tecnology and the most important partners in the business, such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and others.

Our services are:

· Business Intelligence
· Business Analytics
· Mobility
· Portals
· Advanced Development
· M2M