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The telecommunications industry faces perhaps its most demanding era. A market consolidation explosion where big players acquire smaller or local ones to complement services portfolios. Declining average revenue per user (ARPU) generated by VoIP related price erosion. High churn due to scarce loyalty of consumers that focus on last generation devices and services, switching to whichever company offers them first and at the best price. Additionally, wireless operators must make third generation spectrum acquisitions pay off, by developing new services. Finally, the convergence of fixed and mobile telecommunications models amid potential entry of new players like cable companies and software manufacturers that capitalize on the increased penetration of broadband, VoIP models and Mobile Virtual Network Operators.

Specialized and differentiated solutions

Our Telecommunication Practice provides clients with specialized and differentiated solutions for the above challenges. By borrowing practices from other industries and developing partnerships with best-of-breed technology vendors, we enable our clients to offer new services and have a 360-degree customer view that aids in building loyalty. We strengthen our client’s business processes and optimize their operations, by taking advantage of the decades of consolidated telecommunication industry experience and change management of our consultants. We help clients deploy new ARPU-lifting services via gradual and safe deployments of emergent technologies to make 3G investments pay off.

Some of the results that you can expect achieve by working with us include:

- Integration of data from multiple billing systems to provide 360 degree review of the customer, increase customer satisfaction and retention while reducing churn.
- Enhancement of internal communication processes and a more efficient information management regarding consumers served.
- Development of content strategy, IP products and definition of the corresponding road map.
- Outsourced implementation and maintenance of applications.
- Custom application development of applications for efficient billing and cost reporting.

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