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ActiveSuite™ Logistics

The global economy has changed dramatically during the last few years in response to new technological, financial, and political conditions. Today's companies are struggling to cope with the new economy's more stringent business and operational conditions. Smart companies in all industries, like transportation, are pursuing various strategies like incorporating smarter business applications to run faster, more accurately and succeed within the new market parameters.

Any company with a large outbound transportation requirement faces an extended supply chain that has grown in complexity from the days of the traditional linear chains. These new and complex networks demand sophisticated control of the execution and real-time information while keeping logistics management cost down. There are many challenges in this new supply chain model, starting with the fact that transportation is an “in the field” activity and events influencing its execution are difficult to predict and control. The industry is limited in its ability to make real time decisions and anticipate issues due to the lack of tools that provide operational data. But now there is a dynamic solution to this problem, one that creates real business value.

  • Key Features:

    - Route execution progress monitoring & Cargo tracking
    - Planning
    - Unscheduled stops monitoring - Telemetry Monitor
    - Proof of Delivery Collection

  • Benefits:

    - Increase backhaul opportunities
    - Improve customer satisfaction by meeting/exceeding service level agreements
    - Reduce customer service costs
    - Reduce out-of-route miles and unscheduled stops
    - Optimize routes
    - Dynamic re-routing
    - Reduce ‘Deviation from Schedule'
    - Increase On Time Deliveries
    - Reduce loading / unloading delays
    - Reduce customer complaints & SLA-related claims
    - Provides electronic proof of delivery
    - Provides Arrive/Departure and duration of time at delivery location
    - Improve fuel economy
    - Increase vehicle utilization & fill rates
    - Provides vehicle visibility
    - Data available via the internet
    - Reduce accidents and traffic violations
    - Reduce litigation risk
    - Sensors for detecting doors open at locations not designated on the route plan
    - Reduce driver and administrative “paperwork” time
    - Streamline state fuel tax processing
    - Reduce “Order-to-Cash” cycle time

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