Unleash the power of your SAP platform at the Point of Sales
ActiveSuite™ DSD



ActiveSuite™ DSD

ActiveSuite DSD is an SAP integrated solution for the Direct Store Delivery execution processes in the CPG industry. ActiveSuite DSD is based on a multidimensional Direct Store Delivery approach, which allows any sales team associate to execute different roles in the sales field, using one single application. These roles can be configured as: Pre-sales, Delivery, Van-Sales, Mixed routes, Merchandiser and Supervisor or a combination of them, depending of the market needs

Developed by NEORIS using the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, ActiveSuite DSD is a fully process- and data- compliant application that provides the flexibility and delivery sought-after strategic adjustments required by the sales force in the field. When used together with SAP solutions, including the SAP ERP, SAP CRM and SAP BI, the NEORIS´ ActiveSuite DSD solution allows companies to maximize existing SAP assets while taking advantage of a fully integrated process avoiding master data redundancy.

  • ActiveSuite DSD addresses the following situations:

    - Lack of competitiveness
    - Slow response to changes
    - Lack of communications
    - High OOS incidence
    - Poor collections processes & KPI
    - High orders reprocessing
    - High warehouse operation costs
    - High Assets maintenance cost
    - Low effectiveness in sales & service

  • Solution Benefits:

    - Provides route and operations management tools
    - Gives firms greater control over Demand Fulfillment and Go-To Market Processes
    - Enables sales, surveys, and promotions
    - Gives CPG firms the nimbleness they need to compete and succeed in fragmented markets
    - Increases revenues derived from the Point of Sales Ownership
    - Reduces cost of sales
    - Immediate leverage of SAP solutions including CRM and BI

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