Administration, maintenance and enhancement of your applications
Application Management Services



Application Management Services

Our Application Management Services practice focuses on the administration, maintenance and enhancement of our clients’ applications. Using our Support Centers, we are able to adapt our clients’ applications according to their needs in a flexible and agile way.

  • Our Application Management leverages our:

    - Computing Centers: offering Hosting and Infrastructure Support (Servers, Networks, Operating Systems, Databases)
    - Service Centers: helpdesk assistance for final users and resolution of support requests regarding infrastructure, applications or business processes.
    - Excellence Centers: a group of experts organized by technology platform and business process that handle support inquiries as well as maintenance and scheduled enhancements to the application ecosystem.

  • The services available through our Support Centers include:

    - Computing Centers
    - Service Centers (Helpdesk) - Applications support
    - Excellence Centers - Assessment and resolution of application or integration problems
    - Metrics and Reports - Abandon rate

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