Maximize tax savings and increase earnings per share
Automated Tax Inversion (ATI™) Toolkit



Automated Tax Inversion Toolkit

The CFO wants to create a subsidiary entity in a low tax jurisdiction to maximize tax savings and increase earnings per share.

The newswires and papers abound with company tax avoidance schemes. He wants his ERP system to be a system of
records for transfer pricing agreements and intercompany billing to prove his company’s legitimate intention. There is no
standard offering in the marketplace and IT often does not have the tools, capacity and knowledge to deploy tax inversion
automation system configuration

With NEORIS’ Automated Tax Inversion toolkit you have the ultimate secret weapon.

  • Benefits

    - A global template of best practices and predefined KPI's for inversion

    - Rapid innovation and deployment cycles

    Build a global roll out plan to deploy in other low tax jurisdictions

Discover all the details of the NEORIS Automated Tax Inversion (ATI) Toolkit in our One Pager.