Enable the right technology, aligned with the right analytics and the right governance to ensure a successful BI implementation



Business Intelligence

NEORIS provides a full suite of Business Intelligence Services - from an Initial Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap development to Architecture and Business Intelligence Service Development.

Get more out of your data.

  • We have been providing Business Intelligence solutions to our clients around the world, and our client includes companies like AMD, HEB, and CEMEX

    We have a very strong methodology that covers the entire life cycle of a project from end to end - going from strategy to implementation to operation. We help establish Business Alignment through Business Capability Maps, processes and KPI’s. Our solution approach is based on best practice architectures for business intelligence - and we have a full set of vendor alliances to cover Business Intelligence Services from the Data Source - clear to Data Analysis.

  • Get help on your terms

    NEORIS offers a variety of Business Intelligence Service delivery models - to help clients the way they want help. We have collaborated with our clients through every model you can image from providing business intelligence experts that you manage - to full development outsourcing - and everything in-between.

  • We provide services to help starting with Integration - to Information Delivery - to Analysis

    We are also excited to provide our new FastPath offering, which is a cloud-based, quick-start, approach to business intelligence - that provides a fixed-price package of accelerated services and training that allows clients to begin visualizing their own data in a matter of days using some of the latest in BI self-service technology products.

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.