A framework that assures that change efforts are executed completely and successfully



Company Way

At NEORIS, we are convinced that transformation approaches are successful only if the organization is viewed as a system. It does not refer to technological, information, human, material, and process components only, but to the articulated structure of all its elements.

We assume that the business processes make up the spine of this system. Their proper articulation and alignment with business objectives is the road to success in any change or upgrading effort, regardless of dimensions.

In this sense, our proposal called Company Way, is a pragmatic and systemic approach that provides upper management with the ability to handle the corporation as a whole. According to the company's needs, Company Way combines the required elements to set in motion an appropriate governance structure –including IT alignment that aligns business processes in accordance with the organization objectives.

This is not a method for transformation, but a framework that assures that change efforts are executed completely and successfully thanks to the integration of all system elements in each stage of the transformation process.

  • Benefits:

    - It enables to align company’s performance factors, such as business processes, technology, human capital and intellectual capital
    - It creates clear interfaces among interdependent business processes by defining a suitable governmental management plan
    - It creates engines to share the best business practices throughout the company
    - It controls resource application for information technology thus assuring its alignment to business requirements
    - It enables to eliminate redundant tasks, roles and processes and increases productivity and competitiveness
    - It enables a fast innovation deployment throughout the company
    - Customer service levels are consistent throughout the company and it increases satisfaction levels

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.