Get the control of your Ecosystem and support your decision-making process



What is IT Enterprise Management?

IT Enterprise Management (ITEM) is a tool that helps to document and analyze the strategic information of an organization’s IT ecosystem, thus allowing IT managers to define a business aligned service strategy that optimizes the costs while maximizing return on technology investment.

ITEM was designed to solve one of the most basic and complex problems facing CIO and IT managers: how to understand, align, and manage the Applications Ecosystem and its underlying Infrastructure Platform within the company.

To address these needs and offer a complete assessment of the application ecosystem, ITEM analyzes three key areas: Processes, Organization and Technology. Each of these pillars offers a unique perspective to help analyze the complete Ecosystem.

By linking the organizational processes to the applications, ITEM exposes the business value of IT and provides a holistic view of the impact of your Ecosystem.

As in any natural ecosystem, the key to understanding an Application Portfolio is to “divide and conquer”. Our approach to taking control of the IT Ecosystem is to analyze different perspectives that answer common questions about each application and the impact it has over the rest.

Support the decision-making process with the ability to navigate back and forth from a holistic view of the application Ecosystem to the most granular details of a component deployment.

  • Fast Facts:

    - Create and maintain important information related to your applications.
    - Link the application ecosystem to processes and determine the impact on your business.
    - Visualize and navigate the between the various components.
    - Get predefined reports with different views of your information and mine the data with standard BI tools.
    - Flexible, web-based data gathering and tablet version for easy navigation on-the-go.

  • Benefits:

    - Control over the Application ecosystem.
    - Visibility over the entire ecosystem to facilitate the decision-making process.
    - Traceability between business services, applications and IT services.
    - Ease of measuring the business impact of technology initiatives.
    - Identify hot spots on IT budgets and services.

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.