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Learning Solutions Services



Learning Solutions Services

Our Learning Solutions practice is based on eLearning Content Development Centers. With more than 200 professionals and partnerships with universities in the Americas and Europe, our practice offers an integrated operations model that allows us to work as a production line developing learning objects and integrating partners and clients into the process.

Advantages of our practice include:

- High quality products (Lifetime Guarantee)
- High Performance Development Methodologies
- Robust production process to attend to large volumes
- Elimination of geographic limitations
- Groups of specialists
- Very competitive prices

Our Learning Solutions Services offer includes:

  • Generic Services

    - Pedagogical Design
    - Teaching Design
    - Graphic Design
    - Animation and Programming
    - Internal QA / Pedagogical QA
    - Audio and Video
    - Quality Control and SCORM
    - Delivery to client

  • In Class Training

    - Taping of the class session
    - Incorporation of eLearning tools
    - Integration into LMS
    - The opportunity to communicate key messages

  • Case-based training

    - Content Development Services
    - Audio and video integration
    - High quality graphic design
    - Explanation of concepts based on simulation
    - Non-technical audience
    - Integration into LMS

  • Application e-Learning courses

    - Overview, SAP, FI, MM, CO, SD, FICA
    - Basic concepts, navigation
    - Business process (flows, roles, rules, etc.)
    - Transactions (SAP, others)

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