An integral approach that aligns processes, governance and information technology



Sustainable SOA

The idea of sustainability isn’t really a new concept but it’s vital in the process of strategic IT thinking. What it means is that it’s not enough to think about technology in the context of solving a problem or addressing a need that you have today. To deliver sustainable value from IT you have to think about how technology will continue to address your needs going forward.

This means that SOA is only viable in the long term when you consider the whole lifecycle of services over time as they are created, changed and even retired. And that’s where sustainability comes in. If you’re not thinking ahead to how you will deliver that consistent experience you’re not thinking in a sustainable way. But the question of sustainable SOA is moot without proper governance.

  • The TCO of SOA

    Adopting SOA is essential to deliver the business agility and IT flexibility required by today’s enterprises. SOA delivers a major competitive advantage by increasing organizational agility; allowing companies to easily assemble, and modify business processes in response to market requirements. It also offers greater flexibility in the way computer systems can be used to support the business while lowering implementation costs by increasing reusability.

    In today’s global world, companies large and small have begun adopting SOA in order to increase business agility inside and outside of the four walls of the organizations resulting on higher asset reuse, and their ROI.


    Any self respected software vendor or consultancy companies offer tools and roadmaps for SOA adoption. However, after a successful implementation process, a large number of companies have found themselves unable to manage the new architecture, having to go back to previous stages, thus raising their TCO and losing the agility and competitiveness that SOA was intended to bring about. The key to success here is implementing a sustainable and functional Service Oriented Architecture which takes into account three main components: governance, technology usage guidelines and the organization as a whole.

    NEORIS’ SOA offer is an integral approach that aligns processes governance and information technology with business objectives. NEORIS views the organization as a system and articulates technology, information and process as components of an overall structure, considering that only the proper articulation and alignment of processes and business objectives will make an SOA implementation sustainable, manageable and profitable.

    This methodology is what we call NEORIS sustainable SOA: S2OA. NEORIS systemic approach gives its clients a clear advantage since it works independently of the different legacy software systems they might have, optimizing the solution and guaranteeing sustainable profitability.

Aligning the business processes with the employees and the technology, our practice takes the IT departments and turns them into value-generating machines.