Business Planning and Consolidation




Planning and consolidation are processes that helps an organization to know where they are and map a vision of where they want to get to into a series of discrete & measurable steps that take them to that destination from where they are today. The challenges to efficiently reach these processes are many so it is possible your organization is facing any of the following:

  • Dynamic Regulatory Landscape

    - International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
    - EU Accounts modernization Directive.
    - Sarbanes – Oxley Act (SOX).

  • Data Accuracy and Predictability

    - Historical data in multiple systems and spreadsheets - no central, data store.

  • Process efficiency and standards

    - No linkage and enforcement with standard business process.
    - Budgeting process takes too long and is error prone.

  • Execution for usability and adaptability

    - Existing planning products are difficult to use and inflexible.
    - Too much dependency on IT for business specific tasks.
    SAP Business planning and consolidation will help your business to address these challenges.

    NEORIS Financial Planning and Consolidation Services offer to organizations a good experience implementing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation solutions, our BPC implementation team combines experienced functional, technical and data modeling consultants which make easier the business requirement communication to transform your necessities into an optimized solution.

  • After implement business planning and consolidation your business will have the following benefits:

    - Quickly model potential business strategies and decide on a course of action that maximizes value creation.
    - Spend more time on analysis and less time on transactional work.
    - Align financial and operational plans with strategic objectives and goals.
    - Improve planning accuracy and associated costs.
    - Reduce budget cycle time.
    - Have confidence in financial results and reports.
    - Enable rolling forecast models.

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