Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP Implementation and Rollout




An ERP implementation is going to impact how a company operates by updating business processes and changing system transactions.

An ERP implementation is a complex undertaking whose success is by no means ensured. Studies have shown that it is an endeavor that fails almost as often as it succeeds, but it is critical to the business that the implementation does succeed.

  • Defining Success

    Before we even launch an ERP implementation, we must define success. Success cannot be defined as completing the project to replace the old systems on schedule and on budget because completing the project on time and on budget is necessary, but not sufficient. Success must be defined as achieving the return on investment (ROI) on which the implementation is based.

  • Planning for Success

    Success in the end begins with good planning in the beginning. Too many people think the first step in planning a project is defining the tasks that have to be performed. Starting with tasks can lead to lots of activity going on but very little being accomplished. Good project planning starts with defining the deliverables. Define what must be created then define the tasks it takes to create them. This focuses the activity toward accomplishing tangible results.

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