The Solution to Big Data




IT systems are the backbone of any organization and running systems without interruption is just as important as launching them. Customers are looking for proven migration methods to new technology and a trust leader to mitigate risks. As an early adopter of new technologies, NEORIS has the industry know-how and has created this hub in Monterrey to focus on provisioning, training, certification and licensing for its global operations. During a second phase, NEORIS will also be offering hosted solutions and cloud computing services based on the in-memory platform with the most sophisticated security system to date.

As part of the worldwide team, the Global Center of Excellence will help businesses transform their operations and drive value by offering:

  • Strategy:

    Assess the business scenarios and consult on best practices that support the investment on high-performance solutions, as well as the implications on the entire IT infrastructure.

  • Rapid-Deployment Solution:

    Pre-configured solutions can effectively solve the age-old data dilemma with a faster time-to-market and minimal time for completion. The RDS offering from NEORIS combines software and services for real-time data access, courtesy of SAP HANA in-memory technology.

  • Custom Analytics Solution:

    Define, build and deploy custom, tailor-made solutions for analytics and reporting based on customers’ needs and different data sources available.

  • Suite on HANA (SoH):

    Implement functional modules based on the in-memory computing technology from SAP, including NetWeaver BW, BusinessObjects and other solutions.

  • Upgrades:

    Consult clients to migrate their functional SAP operations to the next generation solution—SAP Business Suite—to bring transactions and analytics into a single in-memory platform.

  • Maintenance and Support:

    Help clients to maximize their investments in the platform and proactively manage their environment for optimal results.

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