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SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Today, manufacturers face a compelling fact: Customers have more power than ever before. To stay competitive, they need to meet increasingly rigorous customer expectations for high quality innovative products produced with short lead times and at low costs. And with customer demands constantly changing, manufacturers also require the ability to exchange information between the factory and supply network for a quick and effective response.

The answer to this challenge is the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) composite application. Plugging into your existing IT landscape for rapid implementation and a low total cost of ownership (TCO), SAP MII provides a direct connection between shop floor systems and business operations. All data affecting manufacturing is ensured to be visible in near real time-- including information about orders, materials, equipment status, costs, and product quality.

  • Benefits:

    - Provides integration and intelligence in one framework
    - Connectors provide instant integration to plant systems
    - Leverages existing investments – data replication not required
    - Get predefined reports with different views of your information and mine the data with standard BI tools
    - Flexible, web-based data gathering and tablet version for easy navigation on-the-go
    - Delivers transactional integration for simplifying user interaction with ERP

  • Typical results of implementing MII:

    - Process improvement: 10-25%
    - Increased quality: 3-8%
    - Increased asset utilization: 5-21%
    - Waste reduction: 3-5%
    - Increased personnel performance: 5-20%
    - Reduced costs of energy: 2-5%

  • What can MII be used for?

    - User Interface simplification for shop floor operators and maintenance technicians
    - Role based Manufacturing Dashboards
    - Manual Data entry for shop floor employees to integrate with SAP ECC or other systems
    - Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    - Real time KPI dashboards
    - Real time asset information
    - Energy management
    - Quality monitoring and notifications
    - Plant Maintenance notifications and work order creation
    - Integration with shop floor equipment (robots, scales, labeling systems, etc)
    - Mobile applications for operators, supervisors, and managers (RF devices, smartphones, tablets)

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