Cloud environments that enhance business agility and reduce costs.
SAP on Microsoft Azure



Cloud environments to run SAP applications in order to reduce cost and enhance your business agility.

We optimize the infrastructure requirements for SAP environments leveraging Azure, maximizing our client’s return on investment and allowing an unprecedented business agility to satisfy their needs

  • Main scenarios of SAP on Azure with NEORIS

    - Development & Test (DEV & TEST)
    - Disaster recovery infrastructure for DRP
    - Historical environments for audit purposes
    - Product environments (PRD)

  • Benefits of running SAP on Azure

    - Savings
    Total cost of ownership is 40% to 75% less compared to the traditional hosting scenarios

    - Efficiency
    Greater efficiency for specific types of SAP workloads. For example, Development & Test and Disaster Recovery environments.

    - Agility
    Faster procurement: Minutes instead of days. For development and test environments, between 200 y 300 times faster.

Discover why using Microsoft Azure to run your SAP environments brings benefits to your business.