Supply Network Collaboration




NC offers a substantial range of business processes and functionality for the Supplier Collaboration area.

The capabilities are mainly targeted for companies in manufacturing industries and as such cover capabilities for direct materials planning and procurement. Three of the processes are mainly execution oriented and extend the customer’s ERP replenishment triggers to suppliers, the Release Process, the PO Process and the Kanban Process. One process is a planning visibility and collaboration process, the Dynamic Replenishment Process, which allows for sharing of forecast and forecast commitment information. Lastly, there are two processes that shift the replenishment responsibility from the customer to the supplier, the Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) Process and the Delivery Control Monitor (DCM) Process.

Additional functionality includes supplier invoice creation, ASN (Advance Ship Notification) with packaging and label printing capability (including bar codes), alerts, reporting and contextual integration to SAP PLM cFolders for document sharing and collaboration.

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