Transportation Management




Commercial transportation has become an extremely complex procedure involving worldwide networks of business partners and LSPs moving raw materials, parts, and finished goods along global supply chains. Now more than ever, transportation operations require greater accuracy, speed, and flexibility to manage all the moving parts.

SAP Transportation Management solutions help you integrate business processes across your entire enterprise and extended transportation network.

The applications enable you to perform continuous route optimization based on real-time events, improve asset utilization, collaborate with logistics service providers (LSPs), and support freight-costing and settlement processes. The SAP ERP and SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) applications form the backbone of the SAP transportation management solution. SAP SCM employs a library of advanced, highly configurable planning and optimization algorithms to help you optimize task-, industry-, and company-specific transportation processes, automate decision making, and deliver realtime event notifications to the underlying business processes. Collaboration tools enable you and your partners to streamline your work processes and exchange information.

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