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SharePoint Services



SharePoint Services

We bring more than just SharePoint expertise – we bring a proven methodical approach that can be tailored to fit into – and strengthen – your organization. NEORIS offers the full suite of SharePoint Services – that range from Strategy Definition & Technology Enablement; to Governance, Mobilization & Operation.

We have been successfully providing SharePoint solutions around the globe for years. We’ve found that the key to ensuring successful SharePoint implementations is to follow a methodical, proven approach that enables the right technology components, aligned with the right process and governance.

  • NEORIS provides organizations with optimal SharePoint solutions so that they can…

    - Enable Social Collaboration
    - Eliminate Information Silos
    - Promote Innovation
    - Integrate Suppliers and Customers
    - Improve Training
    - Simplify content updates
    - Automate processes and approval workflows
    - Implement Document Management

  • Our methodology

    - Technology Enablement Approach
    - Mobilization Methodology
    - Strategy Definition Methodology
    - Full Set of Operational Services
    - Governance Model based on Four Different Business Perspectives

We innovate by constantly converting ideas into realities. Cutting-edge services and solutions are best-in-class.