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Software Development



Software Development

Our offer in Software Development Services is divided into:

- Counting and Measurement of Function Points, to determine the size of the applications
- Software Design, including development of Application “Frameworks” and Software Logic Architecture
- Software Development for new systems and Support for Application Implementation projects
- Audit of existing code

Our Software Development Centers offer:

  • Development in Technologies

    - .NET (ASP, C#, VB, ADO)
    JAVA (J2EE)
    - Databases (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase)
    - SAP (ABAP, WebDynpro, ICWEB, Workflow)
    - Other (C++, RPG, HTML, XML, ASP, etc)

  • Methodologies used

    - NEORIS Software Development Process (SDP) based on RUP as the robust development methodology
    - SCRUM as the agile development methodology
    - Project Administration to ensure delivery of commitments

  • Quality Assurance

    - Development process established and assisted by ALM (HP’s - Application Lifecycle Management) technology
    - Audit of development process and code follow-up
    - Team Software Process (TSP)
    - Personal Software Process (PSP)

  • Metrics

    - Function Points for size and complexity
    - # Faults in tests vs. test cases
    - # Faults in production vs. test cases
    - Average cost
    - On time delivery of estimates
    - On time delivery of developments

  • Continuing Improvement

    - Measurement of development process indicators
    - Weekly meeting to identify non-conformities
    - Identification of actions
    - Implementation of actions
    - Monitoring of actions

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