Corporate Social Responsibility

At NEORIS, we understand the impact of technology and we are committed to executing a professional practice that is both responsible for – and sensitive to – the economic, ecological and social environment, and that contributes to generate value and to the sustainable development of the societies where we operate. Through this program, we implement initiatives geared towards our employees, clients, partners and communities where we are present.

Based on our corporate values, which are a reflection of our identity, and on our tag-line “Practical Visionaries”, our Corporate Social Responsibility Program focuses in the following topics: ethics, quality, environment, and community involvement.

Each one of these areas has an impact both, inside our organization as well as in the communities where we operate. In this context, our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is an important testament of our identity and the significance of being Practical Visionaries.

View our CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT and learn more about our commitment to the development of society.


Corporate Ethics

Our clients, partners and providers’ trust and loyalty rely on the integrity and honesty by which we do business. To promote NEORIS employees’ individual and collective responsibility in different business scenarios, NEORIS abides by the norms determined in the Code of Ethics. This document clearly establishes the types of actions and behaviors that strengthen the company’s corporate values and provides guidelines for the development of our professional practice.

NEORIS is fully committed to following the mandates of its Code of Ethics and has delegated in the NEORIS’ Ethics Committee the responsibility to administer it and oversee its effectiveness.


NEORIS’ quality policy has been developed to guarantee our clients, stakeholders and employees’ satisfaction. For that reason, we work hard every day to be the best at generating business value for our clients. This is why we have adopted a Quality Policy that is based on the following principles:

Assure clients’ satisfaction: we are committed to our clients’ success and develop projects and solutions for them utilizing professional quality standards and methodologies.

Accountability for our services: the interaction with our clients is based on trust, transparency, honesty and mutual gain. It is our responsibility to ensure that this happens all the time.

Promote the development and training of our human talent: the human resources management team is constantly working on training and developing our workforce so that our clients can have access to the best professionals for their projects.

Innovation drive: NEORIS supports the use of emerging technologies that allow the development of practical and innovative solutions to facilitate our clients’ processes.

Establishment of direct lines of contact with our clients: it is in our mission to work very closely with our clients establishing long term relationships to assist them in improving their performance through every stage of their business.

By following these principles, we can deliver high-quality services that adhere to our clients’ requirements. In addition, all our employees are evaluated and responsible for the quality of their work holding us accountable for our clients’ success.


NEORIS is aware of the environmental challenges that the world is facing and has implemented initiatives to promote habits that are more sensitive to our environment. These initiatives include campaigns for a more efficient and responsible use of our resources, awareness programs that contribute to protecting our planet by adopting new routines, and an active participation in “green” local and international initiatives. All of our operations are committed to promoting these activities in order to contribute to the continued health of our planet and its sustainable development.

Community Involvement

The company supports and participates in different programs that promote the communities’ social well-being and economic growth. The main activities focus on education and nutrition of children in need.

In addition, NEORIS strongly supports employee volunteering and our people are passionate about offering their time and know-how to worthy social and economic development initiatives.

The company also encourages employees to participate in non-profit sporting events and local campaigns to collect food and products to donate to local non-profit organizations.