Agriculture is one of the most fundamental human activities. As farming capacity has expanded, so has the increased use of resources such as land, fertilizer, and water. With the continuous rise in global populations, businesses turn to technological innovation to make farming processes more efficient and to keep up with the growing demand. Fortunately, the combination of more data gathered through the internet of agricultural things and new machine learning capabilities can contribute a crucial part.

However, the challenge is not only for farmers. Agricultural traders are buying farmland, consumer products companies are engaging directly with farmers, cooperatives are processing and selling food, and commodity producers are extending into new segments, such as bioenergy. There is increasing vertical integration along the entire agricultural value chain which is driving a dramatic blurring of traditional industry boundaries.

While agribusinesses reimagine their own business models and processes, the focus is increasingly shifting to creating new cross-industry relationships. In this environment, business networks provide unprecedented opportunities to tap into new segments and are a logical next step in evolution for classic supply chains in a digital world.

We help businesses navigate through these changes by leveraging our industry thought leadership and practical experience in developing and implementing innovative solutions for our clients.

Digital Disruption

We apply cross-industry lessons learned across the entire agribusiness value chain. By combining our deep knowledge of local and global regulations with innovative capabilities, we help businesses significantly improve their operational efficiencies across the entire supply chain. Key business areas where we drive innovation include:

  • Farming
  • Originating
  • Processing
  • Brokers
  • Exports
  • Managing trading boards

Business Outcomes

In order to reimagine their value, agribusinesses are focusing on developing the right innovation strategy. Building and leveraging innovation often means trying, failing, learning, and trying again. Our goal is to help agribusinesses evolve faster by:

  • Leveraging industry practices throughout your processes lifecycle to execute successful operations
  • Strengthening control of operations and mitigate price volatility risk
  • Working collaboratively with others players through portals and apps
  • Developing reliable future suppliers and customers by offering complementary services

Industry Leadership

Cesar Moreno
Agribusiness Industry Leader, Latam
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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