We help our clients to transform their business to become digitally driven by leveraging the power of data to predict the evolution of their business and anticipate customer demands. By enabling smart insights, we help our clients to achieve smart decision-making by leveraging a data-centric strategy.

By integrating business flows with real intelligence, our customers proactively predict market dynamics and as such are better prepared to respond.

NEORIS' big data and analytics solutions help businesses to:

  • Become data-centric

  • Solve analytical needs using internal, external, structured and/or unstructured data

  • Rapidly evolve their product and service offerings based on real-time data about market demand and customer sentiments

  • Improve internal decision-making processes using real-time intelligence

  • Create and manage data access points to ensure quality, accuracy and the ability to share knowledge across the enterprise

Our Value

We deliver value in four areas:

  • Driving the transformation of the data supply chain from assessment, strategy, governance, MVPs, architecture, deployment and maintenance

  • Providing deep industry knowledge and using case studies to solve different needs

  • Deep competency in leading edge big data and analytics solutions

  • Ability to leverage global capability, experience and insights

Business Outcomes

The key benefits are:

  • Rapidly design and prototype new business cases that leverage analytics solutions (i.e., measure and manage real time customer demand)

  • New revenue streams by monetizing valuable company data

  • A curated catalog of internal and external data in easily accessible repositories (i.e., 360ยบ customer views)

  • Reduced Time-to-Market

  • Real-time business decisions

  • Smarter business decisions

  • Rapid response to customer sentiments

  • Hyper personalized customer services

Download our eBrochure

Download our eBrochure

Practice Leadership

Julio Estevez Estevez
Big Data & Analytics Practice Leader
Madrid, spain

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