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Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher


NEORIS presents a customer-centric digital platform for building material companies.

Building Solutions


Plataform Benefits



Preparing to Buy

Prevent errors in ordering by managing location info directly by customer

Prevent errors in invoicing by providing price visibility before placing orders

Timely information on expiration of contracts and price agreements

Save time requesting new locations though the digital platform vs by phone

Request a new location 24x7



Placing Orders

Simplified order placing by selecting locations, contracts, products, etc.

Place orders without having a delivery location created beforehand

No waiting on the phone while agent finishes the order (e.g. inventory validation)

Request orders 24X7



Receiving Products & Services

Full visibility and notification on order status and location

Request order changes without telephone calls

Immediate delivery ticket with EPOD in a paperless process

Provide immediate feedback

Review service KPI’s in site



Receiving Invoices & Paying

Easier reconciliation of AP Balance

Easy to raise disputes linked to specific documents

Visibility of credit balance and prompt payment discount

Enable payment in advance

24X7 access to all invoicing documents

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