NEORIS partners with retailers to help them create a true omni channel customer experience.

Today’s consumer engages with a retailer’s brand on a shopping continuum and they expect a consistent, connected and personalized shopping experience. Consumers illustrate their interest by browsing products across home computers, mobile devices, social media and ultimately in stores. Retailers must convert this interest into sales.

The omni channel experience is not only about the customer experience on the front end. It’s also about improving back office operations like order fulfillment and inventory management to maximize revenues and profits.

Digital Disruption

NEORIS understands the challenges faced by the consumer products industry. The demand for innovative and personalized products for different consumers are the characteristic that rules this market. Customers and consumers demand a personalized experience that meets their expectations in the shortest waiting time in each interaction with the consumer goods.

By combining of our deep knowledge of the industry and our experience with the management of cutting-edge technology, we offer our clients innovative and disruptive solutions that allow them to face the challenges of the market, satisfying their customers and putting themselves ahead of their competitors.

We provide value through the use of technologies such as IoT, blockchain, big data, cloud solutions, AI and machine learning, RPA, augmented reality and others help our clients improve their operational performance, reduce costs and create more value for their customers.

Business Outcomes

Retailers are making significant investments to exceed customer expectations and innovate in ways that will establish long lasting brand loyalty and drive future sales growth. NEORIS understands the unique challenges facing retailers today. We combine our unique insights around customer engagement management with innovation to help create powerful interactions.


  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Product delivery on time
  • Logistics cost optimization
  • Improvements in the management of inventories and production forecasts
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Improvement in digital data exchange
  • Integration of the ecosystem with retailers

consumer benefits

  • Nutritional information of the product online
  • Custom product design
  • Brand management improvement with the final consumer
  • Analysis of trends and consumption habits


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Utilities Industry Leader, Latam
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