Agility, exploration, collaboration and flexibility are all business attributes found in companies that are aggressively driving a digital agenda. But success in these areas requires a technology architecture that can enable the rapid integration and delivery of services and solutions that cross enterprise boundaries. Not to mention, integrating complex solutions that include a combination of on premise solutions, Cloud-based SaaS platforms and others.

We help our clients to:

  • Design their digital architectures that enable the smooth and agile evolution of digital products to drive greater customer loyalty

  • Deliver integration architectures that enable an organization to leverage and implement best practice solutions and platforms across their entire technology ecosystem

  • Deliver an eco-system that enables internal business areas to be monetized by exposing these as services through rich API management platforms

  • Define a clear path to modern integration architectures (i.e., IPaaS)

Our Value

Our value comes from bringing a holistic and independent point of view to enable a digital platform to innovate across the entire value chain in a sustainable way, leveraging industry best practices and our pragmatic approach to architecture design.

Business Outcomes

Businesses derive typically derive the following outcomes from collaborating with our teams:

  • Vendor agnostic integration architecture to ensure integration of new solutions and capabilities.

  • Ensure sustainability of a company’s technology ecosystem.

  • Ensuring clearly defined architecture approaches that enable stakeholders to build sustainable solutions.

  • Agile platform with agile governance to enable experimentation and quick MVP’s but robust global rollouts.

  • Enough data to transform the operations and the customer interactions through advanced analysis.

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Download our eBrochure

Practice Leadership

Rodrigo Estrada
Digital Architecture Practice Leader
Monterrey, Mexico

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