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Defining digital aspirations is not a business problem to be solved, nor a technological capability awaiting to be developed. It’s the end result of a clearly articulated and compelling intent to fundamentally change an organization’s thinking about its mission and value. It’s a dramatic change in mindset about how to create disruption within one’s own sector and creating new value by interacting with stakeholders across industries.

NEORIS Digital Solutions helps companies to:

  • Define quantitative business outcomes to be achieved – the intent for transformation and the value to be derived in terms of customer satisfaction, ROI, Payback, Net Profit, or cost reduction,

  • Leverage our specific industry use cases where technology can drive disruption

  • Deliver proof of concept and MVPs through an agile process

  • Address deep cultural constraints that typically inhibit innovation

Descarga nuestro eBrochure

Descarga nuestro eBrochure

Download our Innovation eBrochure

Download our Innovation eBrochure

We drive breakthrough thinking about how customers experience your brand and how to exceed customer expectations. Getting this right means driving dramatic business transformation which involves a critical viewpoint on structures, processes, governance and the infusion of innovative technology capabilities such as artificial intelligence and others.

Igniting business innovation means delivering key solutions:

  • Innovation Ignition – leverage design thinking and innovation ignition workshops to rapidly uncover disruptive opportunities that drive top line growth and/or improve efficiency

  • Digital Strategy & Operations Transformation – develop a transformation playbook that is aligned with executive sponsorship, while rethinking core operational processes

  • Culture Transformation –address deep cultural change issues that can impede disruption

  • Customer Management –ensure a hyper-personalized customer service while anticipating critical customer needs

  • Digital Architecture – delivering integration architecture that enables a business to integrate legacy and new systems as well as business platform services

  • Digital Innovation Labs – co-create innovative solutions using AI and machine learning, RPA, blockchain, and other disruptive technologies

  • Big Data and Analytics – develop and implement enterprise data strategies that enable the business to anticipate customer and market tendencies and respond rapidly

  • Foundational Solutions – implement enterprise software solutions from leading providers that support core transaction processing and services delivery

  • Digital Delivery Centers – global software delivery centers that deliver customized solutions

  • NEW IT – rethinking the role of traditional IT departments to support digital operations and highly effective service management.

Our Value

Our value comes from working with leading edge companies across the globe who intentionally pursue disruption as a strategic imperative to deliver new value and create new business opportunities.

"Our goal is to work with clients who are passionate about innovation and continuously pursue opportunities to maximize the value they create for their customers and industry. "

Anthony DeLima | Head of Digital Solutions, Global CTO

Business Outcomes

While technology and business transformation is an important objective, defining clear business outcomes is crucial:

New value creation

 Identifying new ways to drive customer loyalty by creating a deep sense of affinity that turns one-time customers into fanatics. Transactions become lifelong interactions that result in repeat business.

Streamlined operations

Defining baseline operational efficiency KPIs to reduce the amount of time it takes to bring new products and services are brought to market while enhancing customer experience across all touch points. This means a rethinking of key business processes and functions that often result in customer pain points

Reduce cost

Leveraging automation to reduce manual activities and human intervention in transactional activities. Leverage technologies such as AI and machine learning to better utilize the organization’s knowledge and manage exception cases

New products and services

Identifying new revenue opportunities that can significantly impact

Anthony Delima
Head of Digital Solutions, Global CTO
Miami, Florida

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