Intersecting Automation & Analytics for Scaleable Success

NEORIS’ Enterprise AI effectively combines cognitive tools, diverse analytics, machine learning and AI solutions to enable businesses to deliver hyper-personalized services and create new business models.

With the growing need of applications that enable machine learning and support open-source solutions, NEORIS enables the use of self-servicing analytics and operational machine learning to build, deploy, and monitor data flows that solve day-to-day problems. 

By connecting resources, technologies and processes, NEORIS paves the way for enterprises to accelerate a timely, stable, sustainable path to enterprise AI for companies.

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AI Insight Report

Discover how AI is reshaping businesses across industries while drastically impacting humanity. This report analyze’s global trends, industry case studies, and the state of AI solutions.

Value Proposition

Our Enterprise AI solutions are non-disruptive to legacy IT and are business-user friendly.

By combining reasoning, knowledge, planning, and natural learning processes, humans are only involved in setting objectives and initial training, ultimately increasing productivity and profitability.

Through the use of Enterprise AI, our clients most benefit from understanding underlying business problems, thus improving decision-making and problem-solving.

Practice Leader

Sayyed Nezhadi
Artificial Intelligence Leader
Miami, FL, USA

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