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Fast Track is a partnership program that connects our global clients with the startups that are disrupting their industries with the latest in innovation.

By leveraging the agility built into cutting edge technologies our partners can offer, our clients benefit from a quicker implementation time, seeing results and return on investment much faster than traditional solutions.

Boost Return on Investment with Emerging Technologies

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By embracing a tech-agnostic approach to partnerships, Fast Track puts the latest and greatest solutions from startups at the fingertips of industry leaders.

Within this unique ecosystem, the practicality of traditional solutions is integrated with newer and faster technologies to offer of the highest grade of quality and added value.

With our growing list of startup partners, the solutions we can offer our clients across the globe are infinite.

Value Proposition

Our clients benefit from quicker implementations, seeing results and return on investment much faster than traditional solutions by leveraging the agility built into these innovative solutions.

Startups benefit from exposure to NEORIS’ global book of business, leveraging the company’s reach and reputation for excellence in solutions integration. This partnership also lends credibility to startups in the eyes of clients.

Our Partners

Success Cases


Partnered to concur industrial safety for a global building materials. By offering 3-D renders of industrial sites, workers are now able to interact with the main assets at factory plants real-time thus avoiding risks and hazards while completing complex tasks.


fast track + Taiger

Partnered to offer one of the country’s largest retail and commercial banks document processing solutions that automate the client onboarding process and client digitization by combining Natural Learning Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

fast track + nodalblock

Partnered to offer a global insurance company a data sharing tool that allows different entities to interact using a distributed platform of digital identity management, all powered by blockchain technology.

Partnership Leaders

Marcelo Da Costa
Chief Partnerships Officer
Miami, Florida

Ciro Echesortu
Fast Track Program Leader
Miami, Florida

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