Enabling innovation means leveraging the capabilities of technology to dramatically alter your organization’s thinking about its value and offerings. But staying ahead and understanding the benefits of new capabilities can be a difficult task especially considering the speed at which technology evolves. Whether it’s blockchain, AI and machine learning, IoT, robotic process automation (RPA) or others, we partner with clients to co-create innovative solutions.

Digital Innovation Lab - Monterrey

Our Digital Innovation labs provide an opportunity for clients to experience the art of the possible and to rapidly create prototypes and solutions. By leveraging a complex eco-system of solution platforms, clients can reduce the time it takes to research, evaluate, and implement innovation. We:

  • Co-create disruptive solutions with clients

  • Enable collaborative innovation

  • Pursue, evaluate and curate technology solutions

  • Enable clients to evaluate and experience innovation

We provide all the technology building blocks necessary to enable you to test your most innovative ideas in an agile manner:

  • Google DialogFlow

  • Google TensorFlow

  • Google AutoML Vision

  • FacePhi

  • MS Azure Bot Service

  • IBM Watson Assistant

  • Nodalblock

  • UI Path

  • Blueprism

  • SAP Leonardo

  • Others...

Our Value

By partnering with clients, we deliver differentiating value:

  • Ability for clients to explore and deliver innovative technology platforms

  • Develop standard solution frameworks and objects that can be leveraged across our client’s ecosystem

  • Enable our clients to rapidly prove specific use-cases that leverage innovation (i.e., customer on boarding that leverages Chatbots, or RPA that drives process efficiencies and accuracy)

  • Enable the rapid incubation of solutions – deliver outcomes fast

  • Leverage our global innovation capability and insight

  • Identify development, implementation and ongoing support competencies

Business Outcomes

Our goal is to deliver a differentiating outcome:

  • Reduced time-to-market for new innovation capabilities

  • Fast replenishment of tech competencies in NEW technologies

  • Reduced internal (client) innovation cycles

  • Fast-track selection of innovation technology stacks

  • Faster integration of NEW technology solutions

 Download our eBrochure

Download our eBrochure

Practice Leadership

Ruben Perez
Digital Innovation Lab Leader
Monterrey, Mexico

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