NEORIS 2019 Global Insights about the Future

A New Frontier in 360 Visibility

The NEORIS 360° data platform leverages insights from different areas of the business, both internal and external, to enable companies to anticipate customer and market dynamics in real-time. BI and data analytics have been on C-level agendas for decades, however, the realm of possibility is consistently evolving, providing businesses the ability to create new value by creating new predictive models, and uncovering hidden patterns and correlations across industries.

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NEORIS is a global innovation services company that co-creates disruptive solutions for digitally aspiring companies to boost their interactions with their customers, employees and stakeholders. For this, NEORIS has a team of creative professionals that combines design, a deep development understanding in technological innovation and dominance in its core industries (Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Telecommunications) to drive business transformation. Headquartered in Miami, FL., NEORIS has a network of global delivery centers, design studios and operations in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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