We have the unique strength of combining technology and creativity to design and execute impactful interactive marketing campaigns.

Our methodology starts by planning with business goals in mind, using behavioral insights as inputs to discover customer journeys, which help us identify the needs, wants and relevant contents desired by current and potential consumers. We then develop marketing campaigns that optimize activation efforts. Through customized KPIs that bring continuous feedback on the campaigns’ efficacy, we are able to improve customers’ conversion rates and marketing spending ROI.

  • The goal is to optimize customer engagement with the brand through:
  • Understanding the full customer experience
  • Profiling single consumers
  • Designing creative campaigns fueled by behavioral insights
  • Measuring marketing campaigns’ efficacy to continuously improve consumers’ interactions with the brand

Our Value

Our interactive marketing team deliver value in several areas, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Deep understanding of Data Analytics and Insights generation
  • Connected platforms that leverage data and deliver massive personalization
  • Empower creative teams to produce extremely effective communications
  • A Marketing platform centered in business objectives
  • Easier marketing campaigns roll-out

Business Outcomes

We bring unique value to our clients’ interactive marketing campaigns:

  • Optimized ROI on marketing spending
  • Increased brand differentiation and competitive positioning
  • Improved customer engagement with the brand, through personalized content
  • Continuous feedback on the campaigns’ efficacy to ensure optimized results
  • Increased purchase conversion rates
  • Leverage technology and creativity to optimize market impact

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Interactive Marketing Leadership

Jose Longinotti
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marcelo Costa
Interactive Marketing
Miami, Florida