Key Technology Solutions that Transform Financial Services

With the unpredictable nature of the global economy, manufacturing enterprises are forced to constantly improve operational efficiency in order to remain competitive and profitable. While it may be counterintuitive, plant floor operations are the key for manufacturers to improve customer satisfaction through improved order fulfillment.

Advances in technology have not only transformed consumer products. They have also transformed manufacturing. The data harnessed from IoT can change your decision making from reactive, as is the case with traditional manufacturing plant operations, to predictive, as is the case with smart factories.

To go from a factory of the past to a smart factory that thrives in a competitive economy, manufacturers are integrating key technology solutions, such as:

NEORIS enables financial services organizations to create new and innovative interactions with retail and corporate clients, institutions, capital markets and employees.

Data-Driven Culture Transformation

You cannot transform Customer Experience without changing your People & Culture

Creation of a web-based asset that is IP driven, digital, comprehensive and sustainable (No PPT)

Covers 6 Dimensions – Behavior, Culture, Org Maturity, Employee Interactions, Experience and Talent

Managed Service / White Label options

Client Onboarding Optimization

Our F2B Client Onboarding solutions will help you reduce onboarding time and costs, drive growth, sustain margins, increase operational efficiency and enhance the customer’s journey. Key business outcomes include:

  • Client Onboarding and Service Management Portals with interactive dashboards and data visualizations.

  • Customer Journey and Data Attribute Maps that shed light on core operational processes. Document Portal that leverages language and data processing technologies for secure and intelligent document processing.

  • API-based Integration with external data sources and centralization of data attributes.

  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics for effective prioritization and stratification of clients.

360 Customer View


SMART financial services management

Almost half of global financial services organizations are still in a very early or even immature stage of their digital transformation journey

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