NEORIS’ operations transformation area with the Digital transformation practice focuses on helping clients to rethink their operational structures, processes and delivery methods to ensure that Digital aspirations can be made a reality. It helps companies rethink key areas of the business to ensure these are aligned to meet and exceed customer expectations.We partner with clients to co-create new and disruptive business models. We help businesses:

  • Rethink their mission, competitive positioning and value proposition when facing the competitive digital landscape

  • Achieve breakthrough thinking about their business and how to improve customer loyalty

  • Transform inefficient operating models to exploit the full potential of emerging technologies

  • Think through and design operational processes and organizational structures to sustain a new digital strategy and customer experience.

  • Drive enterprise transformation offices that can ensure strategies and actives are implemented in the fastest way possible to meet business goals

Our Value

The value of Operations Transformation

Making Digital ambitions real, and exceeding customer expectations takes much more than designing a Mobile APP or investing in cool technology. Once there is clarity on strategy, we help clients rethink core functions and processes to enable new customer journeys and expectations.

Traditional processes to acquire customers, onboard them, operate the business, deliver services and manage the customer relationship requires significant tuning in order to create the level of interactions that customers have come to expect and demand in the digital age. By combining our deep industry expertise with our global technology innovation capabilities, we help clients uniquely rethink key functional areas to enable dynamic customer interactions and personalization.

Companies benefit from our insights and industry knowledge in key areas:

  • Holistic approach that takes into account all required dimensions (organizational, processes, IT and people) for succeeding in digital transformation.

  • Deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and global delivery.

  • Technology agnostic advice.

  • End-to-end focus on customers’ touch points: high level of customer centricity.

  • Tailored use cases per industry.

Business Outcomes

By partnering with us and leveraging our best practices and industry solutions, our clients achieve positive outcomes:

  • New value creation and competitive advantages

  • Clear transformation priorities - new strategy definition and roadmaps

  • New revenue generation - new business lines, product and services

  • Reduced operating costs - lean and efficient operational models

  • Repeat customers - amazing customer experience

  • New value creation - new cross-organizational interactions

  • New business capabilities that challenge traditional thinking

Download our eBrochure

Download our eBrochure

Practice Leadership

Ricardo Gutierrez Losa
Digital Strategy & Operations Practice Leader
Madrid, Spain

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