NEORIS enables clients to create new and innovative interactions with their customers, partners, employees and industry. We've acquired deep industry knowledge from years of experience delivering innovative solutions to cable, satellite, and communication service providers. We help clients rethink their product and service portfolio moving from single solutions to combining broadband, internet access, television, telephone and wireless services.

"We create smart Interactions that enable an adaptive culture, ensure highly personalized customer experiences and drive new business relationships."

Together with our clients, we help reimagine core functions (service awareness, engagement, sales and provisioning) through service provisioning, customer service, retention and advocacy. The goal is to help telecom service providers to deliver a seamless experience by leveraging digital innovation.

Telecom Value Chain

Digital Disruption

The Telecom Value Pyramid.

We use digital technologies and our industry knowledge to dramatically improve anytime, anywhere customer response and satisfaction, ease of interaction, and business outcomes.

Customers have come to expect highly personalized services across all channels. Not surprisingly, telecom executives are focused on transforming customer engagement and experience.


Creating new sources of revenue is an equally important focus area as telecom companies must uncover ways to deliver new value to both the consumer and the enterprise market, recognizing that margins on traditional services continue to suffer market pressures. We help our clients to think through the development of new service opportunities and to transform the organization and its culture to deliver these new capabilities.


Critical to a transformation of a telecom business is the degree to which it can reshape the culture of the company to one that is focused on delivering highly personalized services. We leverage best-practices and MVP culture transformation models to help speed up this process.


We also help telecom businesses transform their operational processes to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness.

To drive innovation, a telecom company needs to invest in an integration fabric that allows it to deliver new innovative services that need to be integrated across a vast ecosystem of legacy and new capabilities. These integration services enable key areas including but not limited to:

  • IoT to enable key industry transformation such as: smart buildings, efficient utilities, digital manufacturing and anytime, anywhere healthcare

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable smart services delivery

  • Big data & analytics to anticipate customer demands and service needs

  • Software-defined networks that redefine enterprise backbones, servicing traditional and Cloud-based solutions

  • Enabling smart customer care/experience

  • Powerful content management platforms to enable mobile entertainment and deliver smart knowledge to APPs

  • Automation and simplification of routine tasks through the use of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions

Specific functional solution areas include:

  • Customer management

  • Revenue and margin management

  • Sales performance management (lead management to proposal to contract, to commission/payment)

  • Supply chain transformation

  • Compensation management

  • Human capital transformation

  • Digital solutions

  • Business operations closely aligned with customer experience

  • A more dynamic organization to improve go-to-market agility - create more value, faster.

Business Outcomes



Focusing on delivering quantitative outcomes is key to how we service our clients. Key outcomes include:

  • Churn reduction - improved brand loyalty

  • Improved average revenue per user (ARPU) or account

  • Larger share of client wallet: up-selling and cross-selling services

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Increased profitability - delivering higher margin services

  • Improved technical support resolution rate

  • Increased revenue per employee

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Sergio Donzelli
Telecom Industry Leader, Latam & EMEA
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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