NEORIS enables institutions of higher education to create new and innovative interactions with students, professors, employers, employees and different interest groups. We possess in-depth knowledge of higher education and its processes since we´ve been providing digital transformation solutions to top universities in Latin America for 15 years.

We provide consulting services throughout the student lifecycle; starting with the recruiting process, academic planning, student academic administration, curricula management, financials, human resource management, graduation process and lifelong learning. Particular emphasis is placed on providing key predictive information to increase student enrollment (improving recruitment processes) and assuring student success.

NEORIS understands the importance of identifying and assuring the expected quality in every touch-point of the student lifecycle and provides process consulting and digital solutions to make it possible.

Digital Disruption

By combining our industry expertise and our deep technology innovation capabilities, we help institutions of higher education create significant disruption within the industry while delivering new, more personalized services to students and faculty. The ultimate goal is to help provide greater access to education at institutions or online channels.

At the same time, we leverage innovation such as robotic process automation, big data, and others to help drive significant operating efficiencies and powerful insights to anticipate client needs and behaviors.

Key technologies that enable us to drive innovation include:

  • Cross-enterprise API management integration
  • Complex multi-platform architecture
  • AI – Intelligent Document Processing
  • Biometrics
  • Electronic signature
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Customer knowledge management
  • Agile methodologies
  • Consulting & testing services.

Business Outcomes

By leveraging our deep industry expertise and core technology competencies, we create significant value for key users: students, professors, employers and university employees. Critical business outcomes include:

  • Increased enrollment by improving recruitment efficiency and reducing student desertion
  • Improved student satisfaction
  • Improved overall teaching efficiency
  • Improved use of digital media to enhance student participation
  • Improved academic management efficiency
  • Increased percentage of total digital interaction
  • Increased number of digital transactions (increased self-service)
  • Real-time social media sentiment analysis.

Industry Leadership

Omar Diaz
Education Industry Leader, Latam & EMEA
Monterrey, Mexico

Jose Angel Flores Ceja
Education Industry Leader, Latam & EMEA
Monterrey, Mexico

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