The manufacturing industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Driven by the capabilities of Industry 4.0, businesses are reshaping every aspect of the manufacturing process. Gone are the days of mass production on the assembly line. Today, manufacturing is producing goods that are mass personalized, retooling the manufacturing floor on a constant basis to respond to consumer demand.

NEORIS enables manufacturers, from CPG to electronics, industrial manufacturing and light manufacturing, to create new and innovative interactions with consumers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, supply chain partners and shop floor personnel.


We have developed wisdom about the manufacturing industry from years of experience across global geographies. We’ve delivered digital transformation in areas like CPG, construction, electronics, furniture, metals, refineries, smelting plants, and more.

Our industry experience has helped us understand that manufacturers are not just at the bottom of the supply chain, producing goods that others will deliver to end-users. Manufacturers are now responsible for the entire supply chain, detecting customer demand and preferences on a massively individualized basis, and coordinating with all of their partners through every supply chain touch point.

We help manufacturers reimagine their business while leveraging technology to drive dramatic business transformation across their value-chain, with the goal of transforming structures, processes, governance and technology.

Manufacturing Value Chain

Digital Disruption



We leverage digital disruption to significantly transform manufacturing processes and capabilities. More than implementing point solutions, we help companies combine technological innovation and process efficiency to achieve optimal performance while creating new value for customers up and down the supply chain. The key areas where we drive innovation are:


  • Restructure OTC, link to availability to cash

  • Restructure S&OP phase - 1 real-time demand forecasting w/sales

  • Restructure reverse logistics process (restructure link w/ 3PL)


  • Production scheduling and execution

  • Maintenance management

  • Quality management

  • Energy management

  • Infrastructure modernization

  • Implementing integration services

  • Mobility MVPs and full rollout

  • Prototype sales data visualization dashboard

  • Integration IoT integration platform/hub

  • Implementation IoT warehouse management

  • Finance migration SaaS, restructure procure to pay

  • Planning ECC to SAP 4/HANA migration on AWS

  • RPA automation

Business Outcomes

Advanced Robotics - NEORIS Labs

We help our customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their manufacturing processes by injecting innovation in every aspect of the business. The goal is to achieve the highest levels of digital manufacturing, which means a significant rethinking of all processes and underlying infrastructure (people, process, technology, systems and data). The results are significant and include:

  • Enable the implementation of green manufacturing and sustainability - less waste, use less energy, and effectively increase profit margins

  • Emphasis on manufacturing strategy - direct connection between consumer demands and the factory

  • Enable efficient integration with 3PLs.

  • Rapid expansion of products and services - increases in R&D to offset advantages of Amazon and ecommerce giants.

  • Improved collaboration (including with 3PLs)

  • Better information exchange between procurement and manufacturers – reduce costs, increase productivity, boost efficiency and reduce errors

  • Improved risk management: more streamlined internal operations that result in reduced disruptions in the supply chain

  • Enhanced production process visibility to enable early detection of potential issues

  • Early detection and resolution of manufacturing exceptions to minimize rework and overtime

  • Increased efficiency from optimal allocation and tracking of labor and resources

  • Accurate order delivery dates to increase customer satisfaction and retention

  • Optimal planning to decrease inventory and increase asset utilization

  • Enhanced ability to sense and respond to schedule and order changes

  • More efficient management of raw material variability - improve alignment with customer expectations

  • Increased visibility results in right material – right place – right time

  • Reduced spend on expedited production, labor and freight costs

  • Improved work order scheduling and execution to reduce maintenance labor costs

  • Enhanced knowledge management, skills sharing and training effectiveness

  • Reduced MRO inventory levels and increased turns - improved supplier performance

  • Improved maintenance planning and scheduling to increase asset uptime

  • Improved design and life cycle management of the assets

  • Increase effectiveness of preventive and predictive maintenance techniques

  • Decreased variability to increase product quality and customer satisfaction

  • Proactive problem and variance detection and management of quality issues

  • Enhance quality compliance supporting continuous quality improvement

Industry Leadership

Anthony DeLima
Manufacturing Industry Leader (acting)
Miami, Florida

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